UPASMR成立於2020年,為用護提供asmr視頻 音頻 手機軟件等資源下載,剧情ASMR主要以資源分享為主,當然我們尊重資源原創者,如果您發表的內容為原創請對資源進行說明!
【On UPASMR- English】
Plot ASMR was founded in May 2020, mainly for the use of ASMR video audio and audio software and other resources to download, Plot ASMR mainly to share resources, of course, we respect resource originators, if you publish the content of the original please explain the resources! Plot ASMR resources all come from net cheese. If you find qinfan copyright problems on the website, please send mail to admin@hieasmr.com to contact us to delete!